Meet the Staff

Get to know the staff of the Livingston Parish Assessor’s Office, working hard every day to accurately and fairly assess your property.

Administrative Division

Jeffrey G. Taylor – Assessor

Tim McMasters, AAS - Chief Deputy Assessor

Molli Latil - Chief Office Administrator

Rebecca Lanier - Human Resources

Tammy Szanyi - Customer Service / Training

Amber Stafford - Customer Service

Scarlett Murray - Online Homestead Specialist

Commercial Division (

Bubba Crowder - Commercial Supervisor

Darrell Whitehead - Commercial Appraiser

Keri Morgan - Personal Property (

Tara Elliott - Change Orders

Mapping Division

David Alford - Mapping Division Lead

LeeAnn Watson - Mapping

Residential Division (

Garrett Childers - Residential Supervisor

Justin Harris - Field Appraiser Supervisor

Tommy Glover - Field Appraiser

Trey Milton - Field Appraiser

Bobbi-Jo Guerin - Residential Specialist

Julie Bueche - Permits / Data Entry

Ad Valorem Division

Cindy Crowder - Ad Valorem Specialist

Amber Cunningham - Ad Valorem Specialist

Transfer Division

Bonnie Crain - Transfer Division Lead

Danita Curtis – Transfers

Claire Glascock - Transfers

Josh Cook - Transfers

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